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Your Baby is Seven Months Old

Increasingly independent, your baby will be driven by its growing curiosity and its passion for experimentation. You're going to have to keep a closer eye on your little one as its mobility increases as well! Trust your intuition when it comes to determining whether your baby is developing at a good pace, write down your observations and consult your pediatrician.  Here are some of the developments you can expect this month. 

Physical Development
Steadily improving fine and gross motor skills will enable your child to pick up and hold things in its hands using its fingers and palms, so make sure you keep all dangerous small items out of your baby's reach. It will also be mastering letting go of objects deliberately, and might even learn how to throw things away from it to see how far they go and to hear the sound they make when they hit the floor.  
Your baby's first tooth might make an appearance this month, but don't worry if your child hasn't begun teething yet, as some babies begin to teeth as late as 12 months. If your child is teething, offer it teething rings to bite on.

Eating Habits
Your baby's diet should comprise of three solid meals a day and three milk feeds a day. If your babies have started feeding themselves finger foods, introduce the Sippy cup to them. This spill-proof drinking cup is a great medium for getting children to start drinking water (which should be boiled and cooled) and teaching them how to handle cups and manipulating their positions, as they will have to tip the cup back by its handle to drink from it.

Sleeping Habits
If your little one sleeps in a separate room, it might start to show night anxiety when placed to sleep in its cot. Give your baby a cuddle, read a story and play or sing some mellow music before putting it to sleep. It you have already established a bedtime routine you might not have much trouble at night. If your baby starts to cry when you attempt to leave the room, tell it that you'll be back in a few minutes; chances are that it will settle down and fall asleep on its own.

Mental Development
You're going to be a very busy mommy this month as you attempt to keep up with your baby, who will be constantly looking for ways to keep itself entertained. Part of its budding personality involves the establishment of likes and dislikes, which your little one will be doing a lot this month, covering things from foods to toys to people. 

Establishing discipline will become an issue as your child tests your authority – not out of defiance, but out of curiosity. Be patient and consistent in guiding your child away from harmful activities by using a simple "no" and distracting your child with something else.

Babies in general enjoy predictability and so will prefer games that they are familiar with and know the outcome of. This includes reading books that they've gone through before on several occasions and songs that they have heard or sung a number of times.

Another aspect your baby will be getting a better grasp of is the concept of three-dimensional space. It will be able to sort toys by grouping small items by size and stacking them. He or she will also turn around to look at you when you stand behind them in front of a mirror, understanding that you're not in the mirror itself. 

Your baby might begin to experience separation anxiety when taken away from you, and might cry when you leave the room or move out of its sight. Shower your little ones with hugs and kisses and assure them that you will be back before leaving to run an errand. That might not stop them from crying once you're gone, but will offer them some comfort.