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Baby Essentials

Bringing your new baby home can be both exciting and intimidating, especially if you are not prepared. Until you're more familiar with your baby's needs, don’t over schedule; try to go with the flow, as the baby's schedule will most likely keep changing. Here are a few tips and items you will need to better prepare you for the transition:

• Your Baby’s Space: Your baby will need a safe and quiet sleeping place, so think about which part of your home you can designate for this purpose. You should choose a crib that is safe and comfortable, and a mattress that is firm and fits snugly.
• Changing Table: Make sure that the baby’s space has enough room to place a changing table, and place it away from windows and heaters. Also, be sure that the changing supplies, including plenty of Fine Baby® diapers and Fine Baby® wipes are easily reached.
• Baby Monitor: Choose a monitor that helps you keep an eye on your baby while he is asleep.
• Car Seat: You can't leave the hospital without one. Choose one that easily fits into your car. It is important to remember that there isn't one type of seat that's safest or best; get one that fits and can be correctly installed in your car.
• Stroller: For newborns and small babies, it is best to use sturdier traditional or "single" strollers. 
• Diaper Bag: Have your baby’s diaper bag ready for your baby, so that you can get out and about easily. Fine Baby® diapers and wipes are some of the essentials that need to be in there.
• Diapers and Wipes: Make sure you have Fine Baby® diapers for newborns and a few for the next size up as babies grow very quickly in the first few weeks. 
• Bottles and Nipples: It is very useful to have a few bottles and nipples at hand for Newborns and older babies, whether you decide to breastfeed, or give your baby a formula milk.
• Bathtub: You will need to have a small plastic tub to give your baby his baths.
• First Aid/Emergency Supplies: Ask your pediatrician about the standard supplies and medications (thermometer, baby acetaminophen, etc.) you should keep at home.