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Six Elements of a Healthy Diet

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Pregnant women have different nutritional needs, which is why things like which foods to start eating and avoiding will come to the forefront of the list of things you need to pay attention to. But following a healthy diet doesn't necessarily have to involve the adoption of a strict regimen, it simply means that you should pay more attention to your food choices. The following six guidelines adapted from The Whole Pregnancy Handbook by Joel M. Evans and Robin Aronson (Gotham Books, 2005), wi...
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Everyone talks about "eating healthy" now that you're pregnant, but eating healthy is as much about which foods to add to your daily diet as it is about which foods to avoid for the sake of both you and your baby's health. The reason behind this is that during pregnancy, your body's metabolism and circulation undergo some basic changes that leave you more susceptible than usual to food poisoning and food-borne illness, which in extreme cases can be life-threatening to your ...
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