The Medical Wellness Association was developed as a multidisciplinary organization that integrates medical and wellness professionals to work together to advance the medical wellness profession (Industry).  MWA is positioned as the leading source of professional information, standards and guidelines for high quality and evidenced based medical wellness programs!

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The Medical Wellness Association is the recognized international leader for medical wellness professionals, best practices, programs, research, education, training and services.



The Medical Wellness Association promotes and integrates professional development of medical wellness programs, professionals, products, facilities and services.



• Define, promote and advance medical wellness programs, products and services

• Provide professional leadership, education and training for medical wellness

• Promote the diversity and integration of medicine, medical care, therapy and wellness

• Collaborate to develop partnerships and coalitions with health, medical and wellness providers

• Develop and provide standards, guidelines, certification and credentialing programs

• Acknowledge and recognize the most effective medical wellness provider programs

• Advance medical wellness leadership excellence with honors and recognition

• Increase awareness of the benefits for developing and implementing medical wellness programs

• Enhance networking and development opportunities for medical and wellness professionals

• Set quality metrics, benchmarks, outcome measurements for professional evaluations for the medical wellness industry

• Evaluate and professionally accept approved medical wellness organizations, programs, practices, facilities, products, services, research, outcomes and quality standard metrics

• Strengthen, support and exceed expectations for our members, partners and sponsors



Pediatric Product of the Year 



The Medical Wellness Association (MWA) worldwide is a professional licensed organization based in the USA, which promotes and integrates professional development of medical and health promotion programs. The pediatricians of the MWA granted Fine Baby® the “Pediatricians Product of the Year 2018” Award, as a recognition of its high quality in absorption, and its lotion top sheet, which help keep the baby’s skin dry and healthy. It is the FIRST and ONLY time a diaper has won across all baby care categories Worldwide!