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Toddler Bathing Safety Measures

Now that your toddler can sit up well unaided in the bathtub and play on its own, bath time should be a more fun and interactive affair, not to mention a great time for mommy-toddler bonding. Keep things fun by bringing along bath toys for your toddler to play with and adding some bubbles when time allows. Before you start with the water play, however, make sure you read through the below bathroom safety measures to ensure your toddler’s wellbeing when bathing.

Never leave your toddler unattended in the tub
Taking your eyes off your child for even a split second could be potentially dangerous, as you never know when your toddler will attempt to stand up in the slippery tub, fall over and injure itself. Some toddlers will also play with shampoos or bathroom accessories, taking a bite out of the soap bar for example, which can be dangerous. If you need to leave the bathroom for any reason, wrap your toddler in a towel and take it with you. Prepare all the bath items you need before getting your toddler into the tub to avoid having to leave it unattended, and never rely on a young family member to supervise the baby while it is in the tub.

Check the water temperature before placing your toddler in the tub
Make sure the water is lukewarm and safe before letting it touch your child’s sensitive skin, and turn off the tap before you let your toddler into the tub. You never know when the tap’s water temperature will change due to someone else turning on the cold water in another room, potentially filling the tub with hot water.

Do not rely on bath rings or seats to keep your toddler safe
Bath rings and seats are not guaranteed to keep your baby safe in the tub. Make sure you secure bath seats and rings to smooth surfaces, as the suction cups will not stick to textured or uneven surfaces.

Warn your toddler against playing with the water tap
Teach your child to stay away from the water knobs at all costs, as your toddler might turn on the hot water tap and harm itself inadvertently.

Keep electric devices far away from the tub
Make sure that all electric devices in the bathroom are unplugged and out of reach of your toddler, and as far away from water sources or the tub as possible to prevent electrocution.

Only fill the tub with enough water to cover your toddler’s legs while sitting
You won’t need more than this amount to bathe your child. You still have to be extremely careful not to leave your baby unattended, however, as toddlers can drown in as little as a mere inch of water if they fall face-first into the water and can’t manage to get up (which isn’t improbable in a slippery tub).